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Who is PriZm?

Hillary Mizia, PriZm's founder and principal, has 20 years of

experience in the field of sustainability. Spanning across the

business, non-profit and government sectors, she thrives on creative

partnerships such as co-authoring the 2006 book "147 Practical Tips

for Teaching Sustainability" with Colorado State University faculty,

and helping to develop the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair.


Hillary created the first established sustainability position at

New Belgium Brewing Company, and as such created many of the

sustainability systems and foundations for the growth of the brewery.

Since founding PriZm Sustainability in 2006, she has continued to bring her vast knowledge of sustainable systems and education to a wide range of clients, from local elementary schools to international agencies, by creating programs, acting as chief sustainability adviser, facilitating discussion, conducting in-depth research, and writing and contributing to key pieces of literature.

Hillary Mizia, Principal & Founder

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Jennings


Currently serving as a founding member of the Mountain Sage Community School board of directors (past President), Hillary has served many organizations over the years. The list includes the Community Sustainability Advisory Board for the City of Golden, the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education, and the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, among others.

Hillary has appeared on both television and radio and has traveled the country speaking to audiences about sustainability. As a celebrated writer, Hillary's pieces have been published in a variety of magazines and books, and on-line as the Golden Green Living Examiner. A 1997 graduate of Prescott College with a BA in Experiential Education, and 2003 graduate of Antioch University Seattle with an MA in Environment and Community, Hillary has also obtained academic training specific to sustainability.

PriZm highly values and thrives upon collaboration. Tapping into Hillary’s extensive network of sustainability experts and partners ensures that all of our clients get exactly what they need.

What's in a name?

A prism breaks white light into individual colored lights.  PriZm strives to both help separate the big picture into easily viewed pieces, as well as take all of those pieces and focus them through the lens of sustainability.  Not a conventional prism by any means, thus the unconventional spelling.

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