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With 20 years of cutting edge sustainability work under her belt, PriZm’s Hillary Mizia is a necessary presence at the table of sustainability discussion.


If you’re working on something new, redesigning an existing project, contemplating different ways to go about a task at hand, or simply need an outside perspective on your work, PriZm can help.


In person and phone/internet-based advisory services are available.


Contact us with the details of your advisory needs and we’ll get back to you with a suite of options. As with all our services, advisory packages are customized to the need of the individual.

"Hillary has helped Planet Bluegrass achieve our sustainability goals since 2002. She is passionate, knowledgeable, and able to keep us focused creatively on how we communicate our environmental practices both to our festival audience and internal team. I always look forward to her insights and contributions."


- Steve Szymanski, Senior Vice President, Planet Bluegrass

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Jennings

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