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Whether you need writing or research support, PriZm can help.


Having worked on countless written endeavors, including three published books, Hillary Mizia is known as a clear, articulate, and versatile writer.


Along with a sharp eye for editing, Hillary brings a passion for knowledge that fuels her research. The consistent tug to explain sustainability and its 
myriad issues in terms that all readers can appreciate keeps her writing fresh and relevant.


Be sure to check our Publications page for some of Hillary’s works, and contact us to discuss your writing project.

Photo Courtesy of Susan Friedman

"I have been fortunate to have worked with Hillary over the past several years on my writing projects. She not only brings excellent research and writing skills, but also a deep knowledge of sustainability issues, to her work.  She is a highly valued friend and colleague and has been a key force in bringing sustainability into the mainstream."


- Will Sarni, Author of Corporate Water Strategies and Water Tec

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