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Drawing on a lifetime of committee work, PriZm’s Hillary Mizia brings a refreshingly open, effective, and humorous facilitation style to any gathering. Equally adept at working with groups teeny tiny or very large, Hillary can keep spirits high, the work efficacious, and the momentum on task.


Perhaps you’re working with a large group for a one time experience and emotions are running high, similar to the town hall meeting Hillary facilitated for the City of Golden. Maybe you’ve got a close knit group that works together regularly and is taking a deep dive into new sustainability waters, akin to the meetings Hillary facilitated for the Arvada Sustainability Advisory Committee or the Boulder Community Hospital. Or it might just be that your group sits somewhere in the middle, like the folks who attended the Sustainability Summit at Mountain Sage Community School or the state Greening Government Council.


Whether it be the board room, town hall, a small working session, or a gathering of hardworking volunteers, Hillary is there to help guide the day toward success.


Contact PriZm today for your customized facilitation package. Non-profit rates available.

“Hillary was an excellent facilitator for our 2 day strategic planning session.  She was well organized, knowledgeable on our topic and needs, and was able to move us through thought provoking sessions to achieve our goals in the time frame allotted.  I would highly recommend her expertise in facilitation for any organization wanting a professional and organized group leader.”


- Rachel Balduzzi, Education Director, Rocky Mountain Conservancy

Photo Courtesy of Steve Wall

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